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Michel Anthony, Malaysian and Niçois by adoption.  After few years stint sailing the high Seas ended in Milan 1981-1991.

Started in the art world by working and being a personal assistance for American artist and fashion designer Ken Scott in Milan. And with chance as mentor’s such as Ken Scott, Susan Nevelson and Sylvia Braverman encouragement, decided to pursue the passion by taking art classes at Scuola Brera and Scuola Applicata Castello in Milan.   

“I believe in narrating positive Dreams and Vibes through my artworks”  

And as the art critic Michel Gaudet cited “it is with apparent ease that Michel Anthony uses simple but essential elements in order to express his own personality

within a writing space. To generate a love song, a hymn to beauty. Abstract or semi-figurative… his pieces develops into semantic curves, rhythms retained… a tribute to human vitality and the feminine… colours enrich the metal provoking apparent fantasies… expressing tribute to love, to life. The three-dimensional impose its presence to the modern virtuosity that never broke with classicism and…elegance’’.


Over the years to achieve perfect quality, he has established links with the prestigious foundry 'Massimo Del Chiaro' in Pietrasanta, Tuscany in Italy, and with their experience and technical guidance have greatly helped me to improve myself with my creations. And I am also proud to have my work of cast bronze sculpture in the same foundry as internationally renowned masters such as Fernando Botero , Giuseppe Penone, Igor Mitoraj and others... 

By becoming a full-time artist since 1991 and installed in the old town of Nice, engaging with the Niçois population continues to create and honour institutional and private orders.  


 *I gained my inspiration in arts from working for the prolific late Artist - fashion designer Ken Scott, as one of his personal assistance in the field of colour schemes and fabric designs in Milan and watching Susan Nevelson doing fabric, foulard and household designs in Florence and Silvia Braverman's fine painting in Vence, France-


*I like to think that a work of art is timeless and I wouldn’t want to make one which  wouldn’t be beautiful and for it to be appreciated . 


* the really important thing Before I start a sculpture is to conceptualise mentally. And with ability to let this intuition take over and ultimately guide to realisation with integrity of these original idea of the artwork;

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“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

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